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Should I quit social media? How is it like?

Social media is the fastest growing network in the world. The numbers of users are increasing day by day. It even becomes necessary for all the brands to have a well-established page on social media. In a world so obsessed with social media the question of whether quitting the social media completely, haunts you, Right?

Let me explain to you how it is like living without social media or what advantage or disadvantage you have to face if you have abandoned social media completely.

Let’s go into a world where you no longer use social media, your profile is completely deleted and you have suddenly done that without informing or updating your friends about your escape from social media.

What do you think will be the most common reaction? There will be some who will be worried and will call to ask whether you are fine, some will think that you have blocked them and the others will be so busy that they would not even notice your absence. You will have to explain many the reason you took this step, so ready with a speech to- why one should detox themselves from social media? So that some may get inspired by you and do the same.

Don’t you feel this will even make you realize who your real friends are?

Feeling nowhere while using the phone

All that we do nowadays on our phone is to check our social media pages, upload pictures, see what our friends are doing, etc.  Without all this we will have nothing to do, we will feel like we are deserted on an island with nobody around. There will nothing much to do on your phone besides contacting the person required. It will no longer be used a lot in our leisure time. We will have more time to invest in other important work or in meeting our friends personally. Instagram hack.

Feeling left out sometimes

Yes, we will miss all the feeds that our friends are posting. Many of the things we will get to know after many days which will annoy us. That may be about your batch mate’s foreign trip or some old school friend’s wedding. We will hear the bells quite later due to our absence from the so-called communicating medium of this modern world.

Some will find you strange or aloof.

These days people are known by their social media account. Whoever wants to find you by your name will first look upon your social media page. Nowadays for jobs also many companies’ peeps into your social media page to judge what kind of person you really are. Having no account will make you look distant or strange as they will not know about your detoxification process towards Social media.

Definitely, you will be at peace without having a social media account because there will nothing on which you have to look upon constantly and also there will be no fear of missing out something. But at the same time, you will be left uninformed about many things in the world.

So my suggestion is that one should never quit social media. Instead of quitting one should monitor their usage and control for better mental well being. Using Social media is of no harm but not knowing how to use it, is something one should be worried about. Never make yourself addicted to a particular habit. Addiction is harmful to your mental and social wellbeing.

So yes there is no harm in having your presence on social media all that one must do is to learn the right way to use it and the right way is through keeping a note on your own habit and realizing the difference between right and wrong.